Sunday, September 11, 2005


The foreseen end of a dirty rotten scoundrel

If some of our following friends from Lagerfields find us on the Vine Page you did GOOD !
If you're wondering what happened to our stay at Lagerfields we will be doing an Expose' on "The truth about Dr. Chat" Ruthy and I wish we would have known about these documents earlier, The puzzle would have come together so much easier. You're so right Dr. are a RAT. Just as you called yourself so on TV. The only RAT race you've ever won is in your Dishwasher IQ make believe world that you have created. Everyone has been waiting you out, hoping that you would Bankrupt your very own self. Funny thing is , is that you went Bankrupt the second you stepped into Lagerfeilds and started spraying all your B.S. around. You must think that we're all as gullible as your fellow countrymen in India, where you were really born (Not England).
Once Everyone wises up to all your fairy tales you'll be out of the this Industry.....THANK GOD! And the best thing is you can't do a damn thing to stop it, because you can't keep your mouth shut and you can't stop forcing your lies on anyone. No one cares about you or your made up stories, and everyone just can't wait till you go somewhere else.......Overseas would be a great start !
So get ready.

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